Blunt Fringe Theatre Production Company

Blunt Fringe is a brand new fringe theatre production company in Belfast aiming to provide a professional platform for our leading talents in musical theatre.

"one of the most innovative, intelligent and intriguing companies to emerge in Northern Ireland in recent years”

Musical Theatre Review, June 2015



Feedback from our latest show, in association with the Lyric Theatre Belfast, the Irish premiere of Stephen Sondheim's PUTTING IT TOGETHER 9 - 19 December 2015 at Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

“By far one of the best shows I've ever seen at the Lyric” (Audience) 

“Brilliant” (Irish News)

“Some of the best songs in musical theatre presented in a fresh way by a very talented bunch” (The Reviews Hub) 

"Electric chemistry and a superbly crafted story. Essentially, a must-see!" (Gemma Wilson)

"It’s not just that Blunt Fringe Productions is doing what no one else in Northern Ireland is doing, it’s that they do it so well….Formed as recently as 2013, Belfast-based Blunt Fringe has argued the case for musical theatre with a panache that belies its youth in a trio of productions traversing the old and the new and all with a satisfying sense of style, flair and idiomatic certainty.” (Musical Theatre Review)

Blunt Fringe is a theatre production company in Belfast specialising in musical theatre.

Blunt Fringe was inspired by the fringe theatre that exists mostly in London and Edinburgh which allows very successful actors and musicians to perform in smaller theatres between 'proper' jobs!  But the idea of 'fringe theatre' is more than just a production created on a shoestring. It is about a fully immersive and quality experience for the audience.  The very notion of ‘fringe’ and the intimacy that it encourages between cast and audience through smaller performance spaces gives us permission to break down the fourth wall, that imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage in a traditional proscenium theatre.  We will endeavour to do this as much as possible, as this gives our audience a more intense and involved theatrical experience.

We constantly aim to produce high quality musical theatre that engages, inspires and stimulates our audience and so we will seek out the new and innovative musicals that actors and musicians love to be a part of and which our audiences will enjoy, and perform them in intimate theatre spaces.